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Arnold Allen x Ciento CBD

Arnold Allen x Ciento CBD

We are delighted to announce our partnership with #4 UFC Featherweight Arnold Allen. 

Arnold is a UK Athlete, hailing from the coastal town of Ipswich. The life of a Mixed Martial Artist is not easy and Arnold's path to glory has been long. He says, "Every day starts early and finishes late, but I do it to get the best coaching, advice and training partners possible." He uses CBD products that are geared towards muscle recovery, like our 1500mg CBD Hot Freeze Roll On and 1000mg Muscle Gel, in order to help him with the aches and pains that he gets from training. 

He got into fighting because he and his brother wanted to be martial artists or professional wrestlers. Dragon Ball Z, Bruce Lee and old school Kung Fu movies were all inspirations for him, and he started training seriously when I was about 12, where he competed in the ABA (boxing) championships, winning the eastern counties championship via KO. 

His UFC debut came in 2015 against Alan Omer where he submitted Omer in the 3rd round with his most recent fight being a tight 5 rounder with UFC #2 Max Holloway where he lost via decision. Being that it was his first 5 round fight and Max Holloway's 12th, the future is looking bright for 29 year old Arnold. 

We look forward to working together and are excited for what the future will hold for this talented young fighter. 


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